Sofa Covers and Cushions : Designs and combinations !!

I am have been looking for some inspiration for dressing up my sofa in some lovely colors and uplifting the mood of the entire room :) And what an amazing collection of pictures I have to share with all of you !! Sofa and love seats in neutral are simple and easy options but if you really need to add that extra oomph to your room decor and make is really appealing look no further.

Sofa covers in themselves are not enough, combine some amazing mix of cushions in lovely colors and tones and you will have a winner ! Interestingly its not just the Sofa cover and cushions but also the carpet or rug that makes the complete combination. Take a look at each of these pictures and see for yourself how each of them add to the complete look :)

So lets get into discussing these lovely designs and colors, get inspired to create your own rooms and design the best for yourself !!

Sofa Covers : Combination and Designs

I Love this for the sheer simplicity !! Ivory white and green and a lot of light streaming in, what a lovely ambiance it creates. The rug is so amazing...with the weaving and knots. Add to it the wall hanging and the cushions with plants and leaf motifs in the same color. Totally Fab !!

Combination : Ivory white + Yellow green

Pink and Yellow is not a usual combination, but in pastel shades they just left me asking for more ! This design will transform any livingroom, The sofa cover in pale pink is so gorgeous with the whole set of cushions in various colors inspired by the carpet and wall hanging.

This living room echos of a set of colors reflected in the floor rug, cushions and the wall painting. Truly inspiring !

Combination: Pink+Blue+Yellow(all in pastel)

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