Christmas Decoration: 10 Green Ideas with Pine Cones!

Its December already and Christmas decorations are everywhere! If you have been looking for some eco-friendly, nature inspired ideas and inspiration to get ready for this holiday, its all happening here :)

Pine cones are found in abundance, and picked wild or bought scented from craft stores, these are lovely rustic accent for making centerpieces, garland, and topiary. Check out this popular post from last year for even more inspiration!

Lovely table decoration- simple tiered platter, pine cones and evergreens, red berries and sparkling ornaments! You can customize the colors of ornaments and platter too :)

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Love the concept and so delightfully unique! These will surely get lot of compliments can be used over and over again. Beautiful rustic chic!

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Cute little garlands to decorate. The lovely antique gold finish adds oodles of style to humble pine cones. Spray paint or brush, add big beads and string-Done!

A well put together winter arrangement can be such a delight! Sans flower, muted green in different shades have an elegance so unique. Celebrating nature's bounty.

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Imaginative! Love how pine cones are used in many variety of decorations, no dearth of inspiration here. Beautiful ideas for getting your cottage ready for holidays!

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Fresh easy way to use pine cones flowers. Decorate placeholders with these. Love how simple and elegant these are!

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Simple sophistication! These extremely textural pine cone trees are perfect for rustic decor. Environment friendly, pine cones are perfect accents for holiday decor.

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Sometimes adding a bit of imagination goes a long way! A handful of pine cones added to wine chiller looks super cute! Specially love the in theme bottle decoration too :)

Cuteness!! These will make excellent gift for teachers! Include a little hand made pine cone owl to gift cards bring a smile. Love them :)

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And while you are enjoying every bit of holiday with friends and family, leave a little treat for winter birds too. Roll pine cone in nutella, next in bird feed and string them up as you will! 

Little birdies will thank you!

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