Architecture: Compact Living

I grew up in a city and I will always be a city girl. That automatically means that I'll have to be content with a smaller living space. Below I'll show you some incredibly effective small apartments, architecture-wise. 

Beautiful nordic apartment (50m2) (click title for the original source)
I could live here! This apartment is a little larger than my home but we sleep in a ceiling nook as well. It think the fact that you can't actually see the bed while sitting downstairs makes all the difference. The apartment as a whole feels so spacious!

Paris is one of the most crowded cities in the world, so architectural agency Betillon / Dorval Bory designed this effective little apartment using a lot of white. It's a little too minimalistic for me, but fact remains that this home seems larger than it actually is :)

I really like this 45m2 Camden (London) apartment, with a suspended bed and a roof terrace. Although  I must say: I'm not really sure whether a bathtub in the kitchen is very convenient ;)

This former Madrid office was transformed by Beriot Bernardini Architects into this very compact (28m2!) living space. Behind the closed cabinets you'll find a kitchen, a wardrobe etcetera! This is a very efficient use of space! 

This apartment (created by studio MYCC) isn't actually that small but it is mostly very narrow; only 21m2 per storey. Because of that it's orientated vertically. The bed slides under the 'living room' and is invisible when it has to be :)

In my next post I'll give you some tips on how to make your own home appear larger :)

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