Copenhagen: The Spoils :)

Since some of you are asking me what I bought exactly in Copenhagen and Malmö, here are a few photos of the 'imported' items in my home and a visual representation ;) Because of the close proximity between Denmark and Sweden (45 minutes by train) I was lucky enough to be able to shop in great Danish shops as well as Swedish shops like Lagerhaus and Granit. I bought the larger version of the Kristian Vedel bird -- to accompany the smaller version that I already got for christmas. I got and bought A LOT! The feeling that you won't be able to buy many of these things back home makes you a little more eager to get your wallet. I was lucky that a lot of it was on sale and that Lagerhaus won't make you poor :) Needless to say that our suitcases were literally 50% clothes and 50% Scandinavian design when we got back home ;)

Additionally, I was able to replace my Andy Warhol 'I Like Boring Things' poster (there's a Moderna Museet in Malmö!) since it discoloured somewhat due to the copious amounts of sun in my home.. I'm not complaining ;) I've sent the poster (and the same one for blogger MyDubio) to myself by mail, so I hope it'll arrive safely. So... here we go! 

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