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Of of my absolute favourite design classics is the String Pocket (and String System), designed by Swedish designer Nils Strinning in 1949. He designed it for a competition -- and his design ended up winning several awards. I love the 'clean'-ness of is, how its classic and modern at the same time. There are several versions. The small string pocket (that you can see in the first photo) that I own myself, and the larger String system that's customizable to your taste. The nice thing about these shelving systems is that both versions can be adjusted by adding more shelves, horizontally or vertically. So you can start small and save up for additions :) The string items are available in a lot of different colours, simple black, white, grey and wood, but also in pastel pink, red, yellow etc. String just introduced the new Bowl Shelves, that you can see in photo 4. It's great for adding a little green in your cupboard.  There's also a version where the sidebars are made from plexiglass, but that's not really my style :) Check out their 2014/2015 catalog here.

The second photo is the winner of a String contest. Daniel from Gothenburg showed us how you can create this shelving with only two String Pockets (not three) and subsequently won the prize for creativity :) The first and third photo show the string system in the houses of interior bloggers Weekday Carnival and Nordic Leaves. If you'd like to see more pictures of this minimalistic shelving system, check out my String Pinterest Board. I'm saving up for my own String system :) 

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