Great Designers: Pastoe (Dutch Design!)

It's funny, people keep mistaking me for a Danish/Swedish girl :) Online (in e-mails and in reactions on my instagram account), but also when I was in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Malmö. Granted, with my light blonde hair and blue eyes I could easily be of the Nordic variety :) But anyway, I think it's time for some promotion of classic Dutch Design :) 

Pastoe,  a company that consisted of several designers, was founded in 1913. Last year there was a large exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. I actually live only a 5 minute bike ride from the original factory. Today I'll present you the SM05 Chair and the KM05 Stool, by far my favourite design pieces from Pastoe. The company did design a lot more lovely pieces of furniture, but I think they have a more distinct retro feel about them. Feel free to check out my Pastoe pinterest board if you're interested. The SM05 chair was designed in 1958 by Cees Braakman and was one of the first chairs that was made entirely out of wire steel. This chair will probably always remain on my wish list (€395 also equals a nice weekend in a foreign city..). When I'm at the Bijenkorf, a large Dutch department store, I'll always sit on it and use my puppy eyes on my boyfriend -- but he won't budge ;)

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Want to see more photos? Check out my Pastoe-themed Pinterest board :)

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