The End of the IKEA Expedit

I think it's really amusing that when IKEA decided to discontinue their very popular Expedit cupboard, there was an extreme amount of panic and protest. There's a Facebook page called Save IKEA's Expedit that has - at this point - 3500 likes! The German version Rettet das Ikea Expedit has almost 25.000 (!) likes. There was even a respectable Dutch paper that wrote an entire article about it as well as a very serious Dutch newsbroadcaster (apparently it's a very popular cupboard amongst vinyl record collectors because of its perfect size). If you are one of those worried people, let me ease your mind. Because simultaneously IKEA will introduce a very similar cupboard in april, called the IKEA Kallax. Its dimensions (width, length, distance between the squares) will be exactly the same. There will be some differences, but I would consider these improvements: the material will be less sensitive to scratching, its edges will be less sharp - making it more child friendly. The most obvious difference is that the outer edges will be slimmer, which will make the cupboard more environmentally friendly - using less wood and of course space during transport. So what is all the fuss about? :) What do you think, can you spot these 'mindblowing' differences? ;)

IKEA Expedit

IKEA Kallax
Photos by IKEA

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