Design on a Budget: IKEA Melltorp

As many of you know (as well as my bank account..) my taste in furniture is rather expensive. Sometimes you get lucky, like with the Menu Point of View candle sticks (I think €35 is affordable :) ) but a lot of the time the face of my boyfriend turns pale as I tell him how much that String Pocket or HAY About a Chair costed ;)
I've been wanting a white dinner table for a while now, as I feel that my vintage 1968 Danish teak table started to feel a little too retro compared to the rest of my home. But when I was exploring some furniture sites I was relieved to find that the beautiful white super minimalistic dining table (in the perfect size) that I wanted was only €29! I was even more surprised to note that the same table can be found in the homes of respectable interior bloggers like Ollie and Sebs Haus and my all time favourite A Merry Mishap. If it's good enough quality for them it certainly is for me ;) Plus they both have kids so it must be sturdy. So yesterday night I dragged my boyfriend to the IKEA for some Swedish meatballs and a new table! I do think that the chairs that you surround this table with make all the difference! This ultrasimple table will not distract the eye from the chairs, so it better be pretty ones :) What do you think?

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