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It's been a fairly busy two weeks, if you add university, my evening job and everything surrounding Nordic Days I've been working 70 hour weeks ;) But it was also a very nice and productive period :) I've had a very nice meeting with my new sponsor MisterDesign in Den Bosch on monday and I really love their professional but still very personal approach. It was a very good and fun conversation, it's always great talking to someone who understands your love for design :) It was a lovely sunny day so I spent the remainder of the day with my boyfriend in Den Bosch on a sunny terrace. The day before (sunday) I went to a film festival in Amsterdam and saw Her, The Budapest Hotel (the new Wes Anderson) and the apparently most successful Danish film of all time: the krimi The Keeper of Lost Causes. Wow. Extremely thrilling! I think I'd have difficulty choosing between all these great movies, I appreciated them all for different reasons. Make sure to see them all! Sunday we'll watch the Oscars here at night with a few friends, a yearly tradition :)

The other good news is that my new sofa finally arrived. Let me tell you: it's no picnic to live without a sofa for a week if all you have is uncomfortable designer chairs ;) I'm someone who lives on my sofa when I'm at home: blogging, studying, you name it!

Thursday was my 27th birthday so I went to dinner and a movie (The Monuments Men, which was entertaining, but not more than that really). I've received the beautiful Menu salt and pepper shaker set I've wanted for a long time, plus several lovely HAY items (below on the right). And my long-awaited Catherine Lovatt items arrived! (two cups, a wall vase and a candle stick) 
Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to see two photo exhibitions in Foam and Huis Marseille and paid a little extra visit to HAY without buying anything, I'm so proud of myself ;)
By the way I love all the sweet professional and non-professional e-mails I've been receiving for the past few weeks: good news every day! Thank you so much :) 

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