Sneak Peek: IKEA PS 2014 (updated)

13/03  The official press photos have been released, click here to check them out! (including prices!) :)

24/02 I've got a very special sneak peek for you: items from the new IKEA PS 2014 collection that will be released in april this year. IKEA claims that it's their boldest collection yet, especially made because so many people live in tiny city apartments (YUP!). The animated gifs below show the workings and benefits of the items from this PS collection that are - as usual - very space efficient. The cupboard and rack can be put into a corner so no space is left unused, very practical :) These items are meant to move around! 

I think the lamp has some beauty; when opened up - by pulling the attached cord -  it has a bit of a modern Artichoke lamp feel. But I also feel that it's a little creepy, in a sci-fi kind of way ;) My apologies by the way for the less-than-perfect quality of the photos; it seems that IKEA hasn't released any high quality press photos yet :)

There will be a total of 40 (!) items so this is just the top of the iceberg :) The collection will be released in stores in April. What do you think?

03/03, 04/03 and 11/03 Update: scroll down for more pictures and an IKEA Ps promo clip! I've seen several items in the clip that I like, including the wooden side tables with the minty details and the lamp that we saw next to the canal :)

IKEA Ps Promo Clip!

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