Great Design: Favourite Things Lamp by Chen Karlsson

I have a weak spot for truly original design and this Favourite Things lamp is a great example. It immediately grabbed my attention the first time I saw it! This wonderful lighting fixture has both Scandinavian and Asian roots. It was designed by the designers of the young design studio Chen Karlsson, which consists of two couples: Tina and Johan Karlsson from Stockholm and Chen-Yen and Hung-Ming Chen (who originate from Taiwan). I think this great combination of northern functionalism and the Asian eye for detail works! What I love about this lamp is that you can customize it to your own taste! The possibilities of this creativity-enhancing lamp are endless: you can use it as a showcase and fill it with that beautiful vintage find, your favorite designer accessory (miniature Vitra miniature chairs?) or your kids' toys. But use your imagination; what about fresh flowers from your garden or a romantic gift for your better half? :) Scroll down for more photos and to find out how to get this great lamp with a discount this week!

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