Christmas Decor : 7 Unique christmas tree ideas

Its holiday time!! I love Christmas for its fun spirit and am always looking for different and unique ideas to decorate every year. I believe in being eco friendly, and in this post I have collected really fun and inspirational designs to make your christmas tree special.

These ideas are simple to create and absolutely unique and adorable. Get your creativity going, and if you love unique and interesting way of decorating for holiday, these decor ideas are just for you.

This is just the cutest tree ever. If its about memories and things you love, this tree is for you ! Perfect for a dorm or apartment, even to do up your own private space.

Sweet delights? Christmas tree so yummy (: This little display is perfect for a christmas celebration. Bring it to work, impress your family, share and eat. This is one tree that is not going wasted :D

Another great way to craft your own special Christmas tree. Use foiled paper, color, glitter and decorate your mantel or work place. Perfect way to decorate on Christmas, and great for those crafty with hands!

If you are one like me then this tree will amaze you with its quirkiness and genius. For the eco-friendly and a maverick streak. This tree is not your usual one, but love the way it has been built with love. The hearts on it are just too cute to miss.

Don't have a tree for your place or like to make your own? This is pure creativity. A bookshelf transformed into a Christmas tree. Decor is all about quirkiness and creativity. This will surely be a conversation starter.

Another really interesting Christmas tree idea. Store bought trees are so common that this Christmas tree stands out for its simple execution and creativity.Dust the ladder and get it spruced, its a day to show it off. Love the idea :)

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This little tree is just too adorable to miss out. For all of you stashing away bits of lace and ribbons. A perfect way to use them this season. Make your own tree, get your kids to build their own. Its simple and looks better than anything you might buy for decorating this Christmas.

Christmas is a very special occasion and what better way than to decorate your homes with your creative, hand made decorations. I will be putting up more posts on holiday decoration which are fun and quirky and sure to get you compliments !

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