Christmas Decor : Interesting decorations using Pinecones !

I did a recent post on interesting Christmas tree for this holiday. Check this post for some really awesome ways to create your own unique Christmas tree. I have always enjoyed making decorations and take a lot of pride in being crafty. In this post I bring to you different ways to use pine cones for decoration this holiday season.

The decoration ideas I have selected are not just eco-friendly and beautiful, its free and lets you use your creativity to make this season really special.

Simple and elegant. How easy is this, love the red and glow of candles along with the earthy brown and dark wood. Create your own decoration with pine cones in all shapes and sizes. Really impressive.

Love the versatility of these pretty pine cones. Decor ideas are just so easy, spray some with silver add some ribbons and you have your pretty Christmas decoration, unique and stylish. Love how it looks so festive.

Rustic and pretty. Christmas decoration need not be all glittery, simple natural shape can look so elegant when presented well. This decor idea is for one and all, there is beauty in things all around.

Some winter sunlight and a pretty basket. This looks so inviting. A pinch of creativity and this pretty basket can be such a delightful decoration. A very interesting yet simple Christmas decoration.

I love the color combination on this platter. A beautiful center piece for any occasion, this looks just fabulous for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table. The pine cones and orange with cloves studded will surely fetch lots of compliments and this decoration is truly one of a kind.

These window decoration are just perfect for a frosty winter morning. Just dangle some of them on lace or silver cords, and add a few baubles to make it more festive. Your instant window makeover :) Love how one can get so much out of simple pine cone.

How simple can it be to make your own Christmas wreath. Collect a small lot of pine cones, get a glue gun and get started. This is even better than the dollar store crafts, and I think it looks really impressive in the stark snowy morning. Decoration perfect for the winter holidays.

This is such a creative genius. The colors are perfect for Christmas, and the decoration so easy to collect and make. For all who love being unique this is an awesome crafty decoration. I think I am smitten by the pine cones and if you are too, do try and get inspired and get crafty.

I am still looking up more interesting ways to decorate this holiday season. Do check back for some more creative and unique ideas for decorating. Happy crafting all of you!!

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