Christmas Decoration : 11 Interesting Theme Colors !

Christmas is so much fun, specially when one can keep getting newer ideas for inspiration each year! Theme ideas are so popular for the same reason. It keeps the look fresh and interesting. Colorful themes is all I have in this post, fun, beautiful and stunning ! Each of them are beautiful and sure to inspire you to decorate.

A place can be transformed with different color schemes and style. Choose from Rustic, Traditional or Modern. Here there are four set of themes, decor ideas in different colors to inspire you.

Christmas decoration in White and Green.  This is simple yet stunning in its appearance. Elegant choice for a unique theme.

Brown is a unusual color theme for Christmas. However this decoration is so pretty. The color is so earthy and sober yet the whole look is uncluttered and uber stylish.

Pale pink and shimmering shades. The decoration is very pretty, specially for a girl's room. The snowflakes on the tree and the tinsel decoration are a beautiful addition.

White Christmas trees are getting very  popular . I have two really beautiful decoration ideas in Pink and Teal blue to inspire you. Colorful theme designs with stunning looks.

White Christmas tree and Teal blue color! How stunning is this decoration. Very unique and yet so stylish. For those looking for really unique decoration ideas this Christmas.

Pink and White Christmas! This is the prettiest and most girlie holiday decoration. Love how each of the elements are chosen carefully. Love the White Christmas tree with pretty pink baubles on it.

Christmas decoration can also be modern and colorful. This set of pictures have lots of stunning bright colors and they make for some really beautiful decoration this Christmas. Unusual, unique and very Mod !!

 This look is minimalistic and full of colors. The neon yellow and pink are so modern. Easy project for some one creative. This look is really for the fun and chic !

Another Retro modern look for Christmas decoration. The colorful look is specially bright with oranges! The color scheme is White + Orange + Green with Blue as the accent color. Very retro and very unique !!

Another great color combination Blue + Teal + Bronze ! This is a very stunning and lovely combination for those who love unique. I specially love the blue against the glass, reminds me of icicles and clear skies.

A room can be transformed into different looks simply by altering colors and decorations. This set of pictures have different looks for the same corner. I loved each of the theme here !!

This is the Nostalgic decor. The pretty handmade wreath, the pine cone decoration and candles in birch, the whole look is so old world and poignant. Very charming theme .

The same fireplace and such a different look. Love how the mantel lights up with all the color and tinsel baubles. The combination of Purple + Blue + Berry Red is so beautiful. The whole look is very stunning and glamorous. Christmas with a bold new twist !

Transform your home year after year with interesting color themes. This is one which is all about red. The different ways red is used is so powerful. The Gold and White are perfect combination. Beautiful and Potent !

All of the looks above simply show how one can keep using new colors and schemes for Christmas decoration year after year. Keep thing unusual and trying our fresh color combination and keeping your spirits and your creative spirit high. 

Merry Christmas everyone !!

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