Livingroom : 8 Design ideas in Gray !

Living room designs in Gray can be quite fun and elegant with the right pop of color. The color gray is neutral and with a bright accent color can be a good choice of color for any home.

This set of designs shows just how beautiful it looks when used with the right colors and is perfect for modern classy look. It is a beautiful neutral which looks great with darker shades or even lighter shades like ivory white.For a chic elegant decor, Gray is a beautiful and an easy choice.

For all of us who love style and color yet like to have an elegance when designing, Gray color is a very good option. A few focal colors and the effect is stunning and modern chic. I love this look!

Just how modern and chic is this look. The living room is so light and fresh, gray is such a beautiful neutral that the blue and golden just shines here. The white furniture is so refreshing and elegant.

Love how the gray wall is such a smooth backdrop for showcasing the array of pictures. The green of the plant is a visual delight is such a pleasant setting. Marvels of Gray !

Living room with a  feminine look. Pink is the only color which pops out in the serene gray and white base color. Love the subtle hints of pink on the cushions and sofa lining. So ultra modern and chic !

This living room is primarily in Gray and have a lot of shades and textures in it. The look is intensified by the yellow and the mix of  prints and designs on the upholstery. Teal blue and yellow look absolutely fabulous with the gray theme.

This look is so fun and vibrant. Think of a blank canvas which brings to life any color you paint on it. The corner is so colorful and full of energy, the colors truly stand out in the gray living room. Excellent choice to display beautiful colors in.

Enlarge this pic to appreciate the elements in it. I love it !! So modern and minimalistic in its look, the striped upholstery, and coordinated cushions with the rather fun painting on the wall. All of it make for a beautiful living room with a lot of personality in it.

This living room has gray on the ceiling and the furniture. The walls are pale salmon and the bright cushions add to the glamour. A very unique mix of colors in the room which together make for a lovely breezy look. Very alluring.

Gray might not be a very popular choice of color for living rooms. However when used in a modern elegant setting it is the perfect neutral shade to bring out interesting colors. It is neither boring nor over powering, it is really very unique in its versatility and elegance. A very inspiring color if I may say so :)

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