Living room : 6 beautiful designs with fireplace.

Living room with a warm fire burning is so inviting right now. It is winter and I was looking for some new ways to rearrange the living room centered around the fireplace. Since much activities and conversations happen around the warm fire, I have in this post a collection of  living room designs with fireplace as the theme.

The designs here are centered around the fireplace, are beautiful, elegant and perfect for comfort during winter months.

Fire place adds a old world charm to any house. The shelves lined with books and the interesting clock on the mantel, beautiful pale wall paper all combine to make this really elegant space. A cozy and charming living room.

This living room looks so inviting for long evenings spent in conversations or alone reading books. The fireplace is the focal point and the cushions and beautiful throw make it look like a stylish cocoon for spending winter hours.

This living room design is centered around the fire place and is uber stylish and elegant in design. The place has a formal look but is cozy at the same time. The mantel has some really interesting display too.

This living room is so colorful and full of energy ! Love how every thing is so co-ordinated and yet not overwhelming. The fireplace is beautiful and the space lovely !!

This living room is so sophisticated and elegant. The fire burning and the black and white photos all make for a very nice setting. The room has old world charm and is uncluttered. Beautiful design!

Living room with rustic design elements. This living room has many interesting accents and they look so gorgeous together. Love the vintage mirror on the mantel as well as the wooden wall panels. Vintage delight :)

Get your creative juices flowing, a little inspiration can go a long way. With the season changing, get the most of these living room designs and create your very own corner of warmth and building memories.

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