Teen bedroom designs : Modern space saving ideas.

Designing teen bedroom can be a fun challenge. There are a lot of factors to consider when designing and decorating one. The use of space, color mix and the furniture all of them should reflect the personality of the Teen. The focus should be on a comfortable space with study area and a lot of storage.

Each of the design here have modern minimalist decor and are space efficient. The look is cool and funky with the advantage of an uncluttered pleasing living space.

Teen bedroom in feisty stripes. The modern look and smart space saving furniture make for a beautiful layout. Bedroom is elegant and serene. Lovely place to nurture dreams.

Green color is know for its calm and relieves stress. This bedroom design in stripes is cool and funky in look. In a small space it includes natural light, ample storage and comfortable lounging.

Modern eclectic furnishing makes for this very interesting teen room. Yellow is an energetic color. Add accents in black or gray for sophistication. Very unique and adventurous!!

Beautiful bedroom design for small space. Love the french window which virtually increases the dimension of the room and provides immense natural light. Select furniture makes for an amazing teen bedroom.

Smart use of space, with all the furnishings on one side of the room the space looks much bigger and clutter free. A lot of space hidden in these cabinet design. Perfect bedroom for a teen daughter !

Teen room with ample light, clean lines, comfortable furnishing. Ideal combination for a study cum bedroom. The simple layout is great for smaller rooms without compromising on aesthetics.

Green color is specially recommended in Feng shui for studying space and is associated with creativity. This room is a haven away from the outside world, a cocoon of serenity and comfort.

Teen years can be difficult years, to have a space of one's own designed and decorated with flair can be really relaxing. Get inspired to help your teen with choosing a design they love and create their favorite place in the world.

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