TV Panel design / LCD mounts and stands

LCD and Plasma TV have become a popular buy. While it is important to pick the right model and size for your home, it is equally important how you mount it or the kind of stand you choose that would look good in your space. An LCD or Plasma TV are focal points where ever they are placed and they have to be aesthetically pleasing as well as stylish.

The ideas here are just an inspiration for different ways you can design and mount TV to get the best result. It would have to be at the right eye level and comfortable distance for watching stress free.

These designs are modern and elegant and great way to design your living room centered around the TV. In these designs it is presented as a piece of art and I love the uber stylish look.

These designs are for inspiration, get your very own mix of elements that you would like to display and treat the Television as a room accent. With a little creativity and inspiration you can design a stunning look for your living room.

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