Living room : Reading corner designs

One of the best activity on dull winter days is to catch up on reading. Cozy living room with a comfortable reading spot is just the perfect idea !! A cozy room, good lightning and a comfortable seating, all of them are integral for a perfect corner to enjoy some time with a good book.

All of us have a favorite spot in the home, this could be your chance to make the most of it and get a special treat for yourself. A nook that is personal, comfortable, warm, relaxing and a perfect place to relax. Here are some beautiful designs to inspire you to create a perfect reading corner.

Beautiful beachy look !! Love the colors here..only thing missing is the sound of waves. Beautiful inspiration for a rustic and elegant living room.

Elegant and stylish. This corner has all the heat and oomph :) The fire burning and cozy seating, perfect corner to catch up on some reading. An inspiring design.

Cool and organised, if that is your personality this design is just for you. Beautiful and elegant, a comfortable haven to put your foot up and relax.

Sophisticated and masculine. This black and white look is great for a bachelor pad or a loft. Absolutely stunning!

This corner is so Zen ! Love the soothing colors, and the window seat is so inviting. A beautiful way to transform an interesting window into an awesome seating.

Rustic design for a stunning living room. The unique mix of furniture and interesting accents. Perfect for an evening to catch up on some reading.

Beautiful way to transform a window seat for comfortable reading and a small book case. A very efficient and cool design. Perfect escape!

These designs are simple and easy ways to redecorate your favorite spot. It may be the view, the comfortable seating or the lovely lighting, that draws you to it. Make it comfortable and inviting,a great stress buster and a beautiful place to spend some time with yourself.

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