Teen bedroom designs for Girls !

Designing bedroom for teenagers can be so much fun !! Getting to know their likes, putting together a color scheme and finally choosing each furniture piece with a lot of thought. Teen bedroom designs can be designed around various color patterns, it can include themes according to their interests, and a lot of interesting ideas.

The designs here are colorful, lively, practical and very pretty. Specially unique in the way they reflect different personalities.

Teen bedroom design which reflects serenity and nature. The beautiful color palette in pink and blue with gorgeous flower motifs and earthy accents. Love the branch with birds and butterflies hanging over the bed!

This bedroom is for the Diva! For a girl who loves style and elegance. The details on the wall and the paper lanterns are so cute. Perfect for a young star.

Flower power! The color scheme is reflected in different ways all over. Its smart, feminine and practical. A lot of hidden storage with a beautiful layout. Inspiring !

This design is for the discerning little girl who loves elegance. The colors are soft, beautiful without being overpowering. Lovely prints and very elegant furniture design. Perfect for the artistic little one.

Love the pale rose color. Pretty space to win any girl's heart. Its practical, includes study area, trundle bed and storage cabinet yet dreamy and almost fairy tale like. Love !

Another of my favorites, love the creativity and elegance of the decor. The white Christmas tree, hanging frame with lights around, the beautiful colors each of them reflecting a beautiful personality.

An easy and colorful style. This teen bedroom is just awesome with lovely colors. Childhood is full of colors and this bedroom is perfect for your little girl. Love the easy decor, Inspiring !

Always try to include the things and ideas that inspire your kids when designing their bedroom. It not only makes it extra special for them, it helps channel their creativity and reflects their personalities. It will always hold a special place in their lives, even after they grow up.

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