Teen bedroom designs for boys !!

Teen bedroom designs for boys can be based on different themes and color schemes. The popular choice of themes include sports like soccer, baseball, hockey or interests and hobbies like travel, science or geography. Its is so much fun getting to know the personality of kids when choosing the decor and accents. Cool themes and creative designs can help you decorate your teens room into their favorite place.

These designs featured today are centered around a theme, are practical, super stylish and cool and includes study space as well as storage making it very practical.

Love the color scheme in this design. Bunk bed is the main furniture which hides a lot of storage underneath. The  steel gray table and mesh baskets are all in perfect theme. Ice hockey buffs this the one !!

This bedroom layout is simple and well organized. Love the pop of color on one wall while the light streams in from the windows. Very practical yet stylish space for you teen kids. Every element is chosen thoughtfully and makes a perfect fit.

Another really classy teen bedroom design. Centered around the blue backdrop, this baseball theme design is interesting as well as practical. Love the quilt, my fav, adds the extra zing and color to this bedroom. Cute little study space near the window is so inviting !!

For those who love the waves and sports. Love the mirror on the surf board. The little details in the accessories take the whole look to a different level. The pin up board make of slat wood, the bedsheets which tie and die design, lamp shade with flowy wooden design I love them all. Cheerful :)

This bedroom design is for the kid who loves army !! The beautiful camoflage green on the bedspread is such an amazing idea. The simple sand dune shade coupled with interesting patterns make it an easy one to design and looks absolutely stunning !! My personal fav, the battered iron case on the wooden crate.

Wall decals are such a great way to easy make over for kids room. This design has huge atlas pasted on the wall, which pictures forming a unique collage. This room is so cheerful with so many colors and memories in it. Definitely a dream room for a travel enthusiast.

These theme designs are just an assortment of ways you can design and decorate your kids room. Have fun deciding on the color and decor theme. The more involved you get, more spectacular the result. The focus should be on getting the details and accents right, it need not be costly but creative.

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