Modern Kitchen designs in Blue!

Kitchen is an integral part of any home. A cool blue shade is the right color to bring calming and soothing energy into your kitchen space. Blue and white is a very popular combination when designing kitchen and it goes perfectly well with chrome steel. A perfect choice for those designing modern stylish kitchen. It even looks amazing in the old world charming kitchen with ivory and detailing.

The designs in this post have different kitchen layouts in different shades of blue and each of them look stunning and inviting. Blue is surely an easy choice if you are repainting or modeling your new kitchen. 

Beautiful modern sleek design for your kitchen. Its spacious as well as clutter free. Love the cabinets, frosted glass as well as the open shelves. Interesting cabinet work makes it looks very open and inviting. Steel fixtures look really nice with this color scheme.

Kitchen should have enough and easy to use shelves for best ergonomic use. The racks and cabinets in this design are so practical as well as sophisticated. Love the works here !

This kitchen layout has an island which has spacious built in cabinets. Love the checkered white and blue here. The usage of space is impressive, and looks very modern.

This looks so fun and cheerful. If you are looking for a bright modern and stylish look this is it! The mosaic with yellow and red is so interesting. Designer back splash for your kitchen :)

Blue color has cool futuristic vibrations. In this design, its almost frosty and looks awesome with steel. Love the frosted glass shelves. Very seamless and modernist.

Blue is a very classy color for home decor. This retro kitchen is so cheerful. The checkered white and blue tiles is an interesting perspective. The use of different shades of blue is crucial to break the monotony, and yellow provides the right pop of color.

Blue is a versatile color. Almost everyone loves some shade of blue, it is sophisticated, calming and goes beautifully with shades of white. Keep checking back for kitchen designs in different colors.

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