Kid's bedroom wall designs !

I love the wonderful way wall designs can transform any room. It is an amazing effect and can uplift the whole look of the room. There are a lot of options available, choose from wallpaper, decals or if you like get inspired and create your own designs. Stencils and paint is all you might need, a lovely way to create your own pattern and use your creativity.

Here is a collection of designs for kids bedroom walls. The designs are fun and stylish and even with simple furniture the whole look is expensive and very beautiful. Girls and boys, get your kids a lovely bedroom, get inspired :)

Love the Blue teddy bear, sailboat nautical theme. The design is cute and really soft and pretty.

Almost retro ! Hello Kitty in all the bright colors. Very girly beautiful theme for your darling !

An eccentric and adorable farm inspired wall design. Paint your own whimsical animals. Soo FUN !

Pale pink, pretty and stylish motifs of Hello Kitty. The color scheme is cool and dream like.

Beautiful blue with fun cartoons from 'Cars', love the contrast of striped and motifs. Very Unique.

Bring the outdoor indoor with this garden themed wall design. Red is so energetic and has a happy feel to it.

A beautiful shade of green for those who like unique and sober. Lovely contrast with oatmeal. The forever fav theme of balls for boys.

Barbie has such a fan following. Give your little one a beautiful surprise, lovely purple and pink combination is perfect for your doll.

Love the ingenious of this idea. It can be hand painted, and is fun and functional. I would love to try this for sure ! My fav :D

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