Design on a Budget: Vipp vs IKEA

Although buying the original product is usually better, buying a cheaper interpretation of the same idea might sometimes be a more reasonable option :) Today I'm offering you 2 choices if you're looking for simple minimalistic shelving: the popular shelves by VIPP (small version: €149, large version: €249) versus the budgetfriendly new Botkyrka shelves by IKEA. I think these two systems might even be too similar ;) Even the publicity pictures are look-a-likes! 

So lets check out the most obvious differences. The more expensive version has a rubber mat so your items are more steady, and the wall attachment is a little different -- the VIPP version has visible but decorative screws, while the IKEA wall mounting is seemingly invisible, meaning that there's a larger space between the wall and the shelves. Which one do you prefer? 

Big Budget: VIPP 

Tiny Budget: IKEA
Photos by Vipp and IKEA.

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